​'Health is wealth, peace of mind is happiness. Yoga shows the way." 

- Swami Vishnudevananda

Group classes

Do you want to get fit, destress, support your running/cycling practice, detox, treat a physical problem in a sustainable way with yoga or optimize your bodies' potential? 

Try one of our 33 weekly group yoga classes, ranging from Hatha yoga to Vinyasa flow to power yoga.  


Ajith Shankara founded Lotus Holistic Yoga in Dubai in 2015 and from day one, people felt at home at the centre. It feels like a family-run place where students become a part of its yoga community. In a transient place like Dubai we feel creating community is an important part of our vision and mission besides 'simply' teaching yoga. 

Private yoga classes 

Whether you’d like a few sessions to work through a specific issue (YOGA THERAPY) or ongoing private classes, Ajith will guide you with his extensive yoga experience, deep therapeutic knowledge and gentle yet energetic guidance. 

Your first class

The serene, beautiful selfies of difficult poses and the physical work-out that most people associate with yoga is only a fraction of an age-old road map to wholeness, happiness and health.